Richard Morrow is an American singer, songwriter, and musician. A Pacific Northwest Native, Richard is all about Kicking-up some fun while promoting songs about the good life, marriage, and family values.

Richard is country-rock at heart with undertones of contemporary gospel. His warm voice carries the melody straight to your heart and draws you in! 


Coming from a long-line of musicians as far back as his Great-Grandfather, Richard decided to follow in his families footsteps playing drums, guitar, bass, saxophone, and piano.  He started on drums as early as age 10 and played three instruments in the highschool band his senior year.  Ultimately he wanted to sing so he decided to move away from drums and move out front playing guitar and singing.  


Richard sat shot-gun to his Mom, Wanda Olson (Bass Player/singer), when he joined his first real band, Coyote Point, at the age of 16, playing drums and singing.


Richard is currently working on an album entitled, “Canyon Road”, looking to launch Spring 2020.