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Richard Morrow is an American country music singer-songwriter. A Pacific Northwest Native, Richard is all about Kicking-up some fun while promoting songs about the good life, marriage, and family values.

Genre: Richard is country-rock at heart with undertones of contemporary gospel. His warm voice carries the melody straight to your heart and draws you in!

Early years: Coming from a long-line of musicians as far back as his Great-Grandfather, Richard decided to follow in his footsteps and start plucking around on the guitar at age ten. He attempted singing too, but quickly realized that he’d better hold off until his voice changed, in order to carry a desirable tune.

First performance: Richard sat shot-gun to his Mom, Wanda Olson, when he joined his first real band, Coyote Point, at the age of 16, playing drums and singing.

Richard’s greatest desire with his music is to encourage others through his creative ability of storytelling, and to bring community together in the spirit of celebrating life.

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